Why Australia Should Let the Serbian Tennis Player In ASAP.

The Future History of California

Alexander and Diogenes (Nicolas Andre Monsiau, 1818) — Note the limp-wristed posture and effete clothing worn by Alexander the Great compared to the greater-in-virtue Diogenes of Sinope.
Photo by Chris Murray, Unsplash.

Subverting Lockdowns with Shelter-Outside

The Golden State has a sickly orange hue to it these days

Taking Responsibility in an Age of Finger-Pointing

Left: Georges Hebert, founder of “La Methode Naturelle”

Modern men can learn from the past

A step-by-step guide for reintegrating nature’s stressors to regain the vitality of our ancestors.

Undoing the damage of bad health advice will take time, but can be quickened with the right mentality.

“Maybe you’ve just sort of lost the will to live.”

Learn to organize an efficient, immune-boosting march with your tribe here.

The Kennedy March as Civil Disobedience

  • Masks don’t work | Masks are mandatory.
  • Smoking is…
East Bay Natural Movers meet up at a safe social distance in Berkeley, California. Join the next meetup virtually or in-person, this Saturday (4/25) – National ParkRx Day — and get some much-needed natural healing.

Missing the gym? Hit the Park!

Charlie Deist

Seastead solutions.

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