Air Bathing for Immune Health

Benjamin Franklin’s Little Known Productivity Hack

The wrongness of conventional wisdom usually takes the same form.

People wish to avoid some bad effect and think they need to avoid the immediate cause, but sometimes exposure is needed to build up resilience to the effect.

For example, people observe that cold weather often leads to colds, so we stay indoors when it rains.

Children reared on such advice will have a more difficult lot in life than our hardier ancestors, who braved storms and built up the immune systems to tolerate temporary stresses like cold weather.

Benjamin Franklin, famous for his inventive contrarianism, is less well known for his practice of daily “air baths.” On waking, he would open the windows wide and don his birthday suit for some open-air calisthenics as he conducted his morning routine.

Were airbaths the secret ingredient to Benjamin Franklin’s insane productivity?

Open air exercise is a critical plank of the natural method of physical fitness. Our bodies acclimate to the cold and perform better with our natural cooling systems working as intended, rather than being constrained by our cotton fetters (or worse, polyester).

In George Hebert’s system, naval recruits always did their exercises in boxer shorts — nothing else. This is my preferred way to exercise, although it sometimes feels immodest. Getting out into nature reduces the embarrassment factor.

Some people have called it “green exercise,” but to me it’s simply natural movement. Moving the way we are intended to — combining grace, effort and efficiency to navigate the outside world with confidence.

The net effect of air bathing exercise is a stronger immune system and more vitality to focus on the important work in your life.

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