Isaiah (Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier) warns of impending dangers, but offers an alternative for those with ears to hear.


Lockdown as Shock; Lockdown as Fast

Ahhh, nothing like a good ol’ pestilence to get you thinking clearly about what matters most in life.

5 Trends Worth Fighting

1. Inflation is coming…

2. Centralization

3. “Benevolent” Authoritarianism

4. Social Distancing

5. Digitization

7 Planks of a Resilient Economy

1. Less Health Care. More Prayer and Fasting.

2. Eating for nutrition first.

3. Group exercise outdoors.

4. Decentralizing food systems.

5. Creating hubs to interface between rural and urban economies.

6. Gyms as community health centers.

“[T]o help 1,000,000+ people liberate themselves from the shackles of the Sick Care System through sharing information, stories, and current research on the topics of Personalized Nutrition, Metabolic Flexibility, Resilient Aging, Sustainable Living, Regenerative Agriculture, and so much more.”

7. Retreats to rural areas to reset from the toxic effects of modern life.

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