Left: Georges Hebert, founder of “La Methode Naturelle”

How to Build a Hylomorphic Body

Modern men can learn from the past

In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis opens with a meditation on a central paradox of the modern age. This is an era which lionizes the courageous, the creative, and the driven, yet seeks to strip men of all positive values through a faux intellectualism. Our schools breed cynicism in the guise of critical thinking and the result, Lewis says, is “men without chests,” that is, men who lack the feeling capacity that inspires every heroic act and every passionate pursuit.

William Murray, c. 1905
  1. The moral must guide physical strength towards its most noble and altruistic ends.
  2. And lastly, the virile, or vital, must remain alive to the possible — animating both physical and moral strength to transcend the stifling and intellectualizing tendencies of the age.

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