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Seeing With Your Feet

Do barefoot shoes reduce injuries or create them? The data is mixed. Here are 5 principles in support of a minimal footwear.

The Five Principles of Minimalist Shoes

The world’s oldest known leather shoe. Photo courtesy of Gregory Areshian.

Thick soles and cushioning go against the natural method of walking, honed by millions of years of evolution… The main principle behind barefoot shoes is simple: the foot is a marvel of evolution, containing 200,000 nerves and 26 bones.

What are some good minimalist shoes?

The worst thing you can do is try to insulate your feet from any discomfort.

Vivo Barefoot makes normal looking shoes; while they’re not cheap, they will outlast most regular shoes.

A Note on the Transition: Go Gradually, and Let the Ground Teach You to Walk and Run Properly

Seastead solutions.

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