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Solar ℞: The Secret Weapon of Operation Winter Sun

Subverting Lockdowns with Shelter-Outside

It’s an almost universal law that whenever government declares a “War on X,” the problem of “X” gets worse. The War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and now, the War on Coronavirus.

There Goes the Sun — Do, dun, do, do

States and locales waging the now fully-mature War on Coronavirus would be wise to look more than one step ahead, as they once again lock down their citizens heading into winter.

Vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency could account for as many as 9 out of 10 COVID deaths.

Inhabitants of northern latitudes must already go out of their way to expose their bare skin to enough sunlight to synthesize sufficient vitamin D to stave off everything from the flu to the “Winter Blues” (10–30 minutes of midday sunlight, multiple times per week, in summer and spring). From my location in Berkeley, California — latitude ~38 — it’s supposedly difficult to synthesize enough vitamin D to reach health serum levels between the months of October and April. Thus, it is even harder for those at higher latitudes, and especially for those with darker skin, who require more sunlight for natural synthesis to take place.

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Operation Winter Sun

As the public wakes up to the necessity of vitamin D, we will need to make space for effective dosing of “Solar .”

Children working out via La Methode Naturelle

Three times as many participants in the group given vitamin D became COVID negative by the end of the week compared with the control group.

Most importantly, the study measured the rise in serum vitamin D levels from insufficient levels to very sufficient levels in those given the oral supplement .

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Other Weapons in the Winter Sun Arsenal

Unfortunately, vitamin D alone is not a silver bullet in the “War on COVID.” Some have suggested that vitamin D is more a marker of overall good health rather than a determinant. Megadoses need not be a last resort, but they should not be the only line of defense either.

Do These 5 Things, and Don’t Worry

The approach taken in the War on COVID has been a failure since before its inception.

  1. Eat wild-caught fish and consider a fish oil supplement (although natural is best).
  2. Avoid seed oils, sugar, and grains — the staples of a deadly (and fattening) modern “autumnal” diet.
  3. Engage in vigorous outdoor exercise. Play sports, lift heavy things with proper form, run, climb, swim, crawl, and walk (a la “la methode naturelle”).
  4. Find a tribe of friends with whom you can socialize and spread winter cheer.

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