“That’s your answer to everything, isn’t it Lebowski?”

The [Expletive]-It Diet

Letting go is good, but letting oneself go?

What the F-It Diet Gets Right

The Danger of Intuitive Eating in the Modern Milieu

Is “High-Fat Ancestral” Even a Diet?

Understanding Set points.

Wilde’s idea is intuitive, but it is wrong. Some temptations can and should be resisted.

Four Ways to Lower Your Set Point without Obsessing

1. Refuel with healthy fats.

2. Don’t buy groceries that lend themselves to cravings.

Learn the rest of the A-B-Cs of Good Fats™ vs. Bad Fats with the free illustrated PDF guide to eating ancestrally on a budget.

3. Find work that diverts your attention from food to purpose.

4. Don’t restrict ALL restrictions.

True Wisdom is This

Seastead solutions.

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