Towards a Free New Deal

Invert the Green New Deal for Jobs, Soil, Clean Tech, and Prosperity

Green👏 New 👏 Deal 👏

Tower of Power, or Eye of Sauron?

The Achilles Heel of Clean Technology

So What Should Be Done?

1. End Subsidies to Big Ag/Oil

2. Privatize Federal lands for Green Grazing

The Free New Deal does not endorse creating clone armies of Woolly Rhinocerotes until and unless BLM tries to seize the few remaining acres of private land in the American west.
Map of federally-owned or managed land. A Free New Deal would open lands to management by actors with actual incentives to restore them.

3. Allow forest clearing and wood gasification or biomass-to-methanol

4. Relax Coastal Regulations and Support Ocean Stewards

Seastead solutions.

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