Learn to organize an efficient, immune-boosting march with your tribe here.

When in doubt, walk it out

The Kennedy March as Civil Disobedience

Health journalists have reputation for blatantly contradicting themselves.

1984 TIME Magazine cover vs. 2014

How Not to be “The Soft American”

Nature’s Immune Benefits

If you are not convinced, I am compiling research into the myriad immune benefits of being outside among the trees, sunshine, and “open air” factor.

Rebels with a Cause: Calling all Fitness Pros

When Kennedy made his famous “ask not what you can do for your country” speech, he was referring to this duty — not a blind subservience to a faceless bureaucracy, but a helping stance towards our fellow countrymen and women.

Walking may be the most responsible form of civil disobedience available to resist becoming a nation of Soft Americans.

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